The Auditorium Lobby runs in a long gracefull arc through the entire width of the building. The lobby contains a number of museum displays, including a set of ships' cups and saucers donated by Donald P. Garrido from his collection built up while serving as a ships' captain in the Panama Canal. The York Rite of Freemasonry has an office in the lobby and several displays of York Rite memorabilia line the lobby wall across from the office.

Two tunnels lead from the lobby around and underneath the auditorium seating so that performers and stage workers can quickly reach the stage from the lobby without disturbing a performance in the auditorium. The lobby was built to hold six to seven hundred people waiting to enter the auditorium and there are five entrances into the auditorium from various points in the lobby.

The walls and ceiling are adorned with relief carvings of Masonic emblems and various other artwork. Spacious mens' and ladies' rooms occupy either end of the lobby.