The Cathedral itself has a width of 174 feet, a depth of 236 feet, and rises 106 feet from the level of the sidewalk. Broad stone steps flanked by pylons of stone lead to the main entrance doors. Over this entrance is a colonnade of eight Greek Corinthian stone columns supporting the cornice and carved pediment.

At either end of the Avenue E front of the building are secondary entrances to the Grand Hall. There is also a Banquet Hall entrance, entering into the basement level of the building, on the Fourth Street side of the Cathedral.

The heavy bronze doors at the entrance to the Cathedral were crafted by noted sculptor Pompeo Coppini, who was a member of the San Antonio Scottish Rite Bodies. The main features of the doors are portraits of two great fighters for Freedom, George Washington on the left door and Sam Houston on the right door. The respective doors are illustrated with notable scenes from the lives of these great men, including the signing of the United States Constitution and the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Other sculpted decorations include portraits of prominent Masonic and Religious figures and the emblems of the various degrees of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.