Cathedral Endowment Fund
Million Dollar Club


With the preservation of the San Antonio Scottish Rite Library and Museum, Inc., and its magnificent Cathedral at stake, a great program has been developed which, if adequately supported, can assure the future of this magnificent building.


The Cathedral Endowment Fund is a fully tax exempt means of saving for the future. The Fund is our principal insurance against inflation, maintenance costs and loss of membership, and is the major means by which we can save our beautiful Cathedral and our Library and Museum for our children's children. Interest earned by the Fund is used to improve, maintain, repair and support the Cathedral, to preserve it for the ages.

It is critical to our future that the Fund continue to grow, for as the Cathedral ages, the cost of maintenance and improvement also grows. Non-taxable contributions of any amount are most gratefully received. Membership in the Million Dollar Club can be obtained for $1,000.00, either in cash, pledge or bequest through a will or insurance policy. Each leaf on the "Tree of Life" in the Hall of Honor attests to the generosity of members and their families.

A beautiful lapel pin and certificate, along with entry on "The Tree of Life", is awarded to Million Dollar Club members.


The following is a list of Organizations and Individuals who have already
generously contributed to insure the future of this magnificent building:

Laredo Masonic Lodge No. 547
Masters, Wardens & Secretaries Association - 39th District
Albert Pike Masonic Lodge No. 1169
Perfect Union Masonic Lodge No. 10
Rio Grande Valley Scottish Rite Club
Royal Order of the Duck, Greenhead Flight No. 5
San Antonio Assembly No. 159, Social Order of Beauceant


Artur W. Aders 33°
Paul W. Adkins, KCCH
Kenneth C. Askin 33°
Charles W. Barrow, 33°
Oscar W. Boultinghouse, 33°
Frank E. Brown
Murphy H. Burch
Charles B. Burgess
Howard E. Butt 33°
Earl D. Carlile, 33°
T. Eugene Carnes, 33°
Garnett T. Causey, Jr.
Wm. Preston Chambers
Horace M. Cleveland, KCCH
Robert E. Cooper, KCCH
Harry G. Cunningham 33°
Marvin T. Deane, KCCH
Jeffry A. Dickerson
Marshall H. Dodge. 33°
Henry C. Doerr, Sr.
John T. Douglass, III
J. Knox Duncan, 33°
Rufus V. Fairchild, 33°
Joe Faulkner 33°
George Hamilton Felts, Jr.
Wayne A Gallion, 33°
Emmett C. George, 33°
Wm. Michael Gower, 33°
Eleanor T. Hart
Harold Hart
Earl G. Heaton, 33°
John S. Henderson, 33°
William J. Henry, 33°
Louis E. Herrick
Lincoln A Hershey, 33°
James N. Higdon, KCCH
James A Holton, Sr.
Robert E. Humphreys, KCCH
Grace E. Hyde
Thomas C. Hyde, 33°
Milford N. Jacobs, 33°
Lyle E. Jennings
Robert C. Johnson
Julius V. Joseph, 33°
Ernest E. Kelly
John E. Jack Kelly, 33°
Juan Kenigstein, KCCH
Orval A. Kirkham, 33°
Frank N. Leakey, 33°
Jack B. Lee. 33°
Thomas C. Levine, 33°
Harold R. "Red" Lohmann, KCCH
Harold R. Longmire, KCCH
Porter Loring, Jr., 33°
Houston Edward Lowe, KCCH
Robert L. Lucas, KCCH
Robert C. Madison, KCCH
David D. Madorsky, 33°
J. Edgar McIntire, 33°
Leon Y. McMahon, KCCH
Frank H. McQuaid
Wilma L. Miller
George Mills, 33°
Sol S. Mongite, KCCH
Thomas A. Montgomery
David R. Moody, 33°
Harry J. Moosegian, KCCH
Thomas G. Morehead, 33°
John Little Morris, Jr.
Clarence F. Moseley
Thomas A. Mote ,Jr., 33°
Donald M. Mulcahy, 33°
Pleas C. Naylor, Jr., KCCH
John P. Nelson KCCH
John R. Nickens
Robert B. O'Connor, 33°
William B. Osborne, Jr.
Joseph Benjamin Parnell
John E. Patton
Dwight W. Perkins
William H. Porter, Jr.
William F. Riddle, Jr.
George H. Rivers, KCCH
J. Scott Robbins, KCCH
Keith E. Rollins
George M. Roper, Jr., KCCH
Orval R. Rose, KCCH
William W. Rutledge, Jr., 33°
Lowell G. Salyer
Elliott B. Samuels, KCCH
Robert J. Schero, Jr., KCCH
Elmer W. Seeds, 33°
Sid Shaenfield, 33°
Frank V. Silhavy, KCCH
Howard E. Sinclair
James W. Sinclair
Harry Sinco, 33°
Halsey C. Slade, KCCH
Terry Slade
Henry L. Solomonson, Jr., KCCH
Adrian Anthony Spears, 33°
Walter S. Stanley, Jr.
Dewey W. Stoker, 33°
Chester Atkins Suitor, KCCH
Matthew D. Sylvan
Della M. Tally
Christopher Tarnava, Jr., 33°
Christopher Tarnava, Sr., KCCH
Ralph B. Tarnava, KCCH
Oliver A. Taylor, Jr., KCCH
Norman J. Thomson, Jr.
James W. Todd, 33°
Butler B. Toland, Jr.
Robert H. Touby
Lloyd W. Towers, Sr., KCCH
Milton H. Uhr
Charlotte Van Winkle
Edgar C. Vest, 33°
Herman Vinyard, Jr., 33°
Earl Herbert Weiser
Frank Winslow, Jr.
Yesner M. Wormser, 33°
Floyd R. Young, Jr.

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